18th C. French Grenadier Infantry Sword
The 18th C. French Grenadier Infantry Sword with a high carbon steel curved blade with fuller. Brass grip and includes leather scabbard with brass fittings.
Israeli Uzi Style 12 Shot Cap Rifle - Black
This cap-firing, (Israeli Uzi) style rifle features realistic action, accurate detail, durable construction, and woven nylon sling.
LARP Long Bow
Used as effective weapon during LARP battles, this English style Long Bow has a fiberglass core with a wood laminate surface. This LARP safe bow is a must for any medieval archer wishing to better their game.
Replica Soviet WWII PPSh-41 SMG - Non Firing - With Sling
This Russian select fire sub-machine gun saw heavy use during WWII and continued use through Vietnam by other communist bloc countries. Our replica is all metal and wood.
Civil War Era Knapsack
Civil War era knapsack is a great reproduction of the large waterproof knapsacks carried by Civil War troops. Our replica is made of tarred canvas with leather straps just like the originals and has 2 main compartments.
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