PickelHaube 1889 PreuBen Kuras

The PickelHaube 1889 PreuBen Kurassier Helmet. The PickelHaube (German Pickel, Point and Haube, a general word for headwear) was a Prussian spiked helmet worn by German military, firefighters, and police in the 19th century. The basic infantry Pickelhaube was made of hardened leather, given a glossy-black finish, and reinforced with a metal trim and included a detachable metal spike. Our all-metal 18 gauge steel version of this Pickelhaube was worn mainly by cuirassiers and was sometimes referred to as lobstertail helmets by allied forces due to their distinctive curved neck guard. The two round colored cockades behind the chinstraps attached to the sides of the helmet. The right cockade, the national cockade, is red, black and white. The left cockade used to denote the province of the soldier is black and white for Prussia. The brass plate design consists of a large, spread-winged eagle, the emblem used by Prussia. Also includes brass and steel spike finial and brass scaled chinstrap with buckle. Helmet includes a liner and measures 25 inches in internal circumference.

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