Damascus Arrowhead Type 6 Forked Head

This Damascus arrowhead is a medieval Type 6 Forked Head tanged.

This arrowhead does not fit neatly into either the barbed or non-barbed categories, because of the two points, although its use was quite common, It was used at the Battle of Tewkesbury to name only one. Many theories exist about its usage, three of theses being:

1. It was used for shooting game birds as two points would be less likely to skit off the feathers.

2. In battle, it could have been used for shooting at the horses. The two points would have ripped the flesh considerably on impact, causing great pain resulting in the horse throwing its rider and causing general confusion.

3. In naval battle, as a "Rigging cutter" Used to cut through the rigging and sails of ships.

Further ballistic testing of arrowheads and the results can be found in the book "Longbow" by Robert Hardy.

The shape of arrowheads lends itself well to Damascus steel. Damascus steel, sometimes called "Pattern-welded steel", is the result of forging many layers of different steels and twisting, hammering, folding, and cutting to create different patterns in the steel.

Each of our medieval arrowheads is entirely hand-forged and no two pieces will be exactly the same. Making a piece of pattern welded steel requires skill and hours at the forge. These arrowheads are all made as quality arrowheads and the result is a museum quality piece that will last a lifetime and beyond.

Our Damascus arrowheads are made from carbon steels and folded 9 times for a total of 512 layers.

Weight 4 grams
Overall 3"
Blade 1 1/4"

Weight 4 gramsOverall 3"Blade 1 1/4"

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