British Army Baker Rifle 1806

The British Army Baker rifle was the flintlock musket used by the Rifle regiments of the British Army during the Napoleonic Wars. The Baker Rifle was first produced in 1800 by Ezekiel Baker, a master gunsmith from Whitechapel London. The British Army continued to issue the Baker Rifle after the Baker was no longer in production. The Baker was fairly accurate at medium distances, though the chance of hitting anything at longer ranges would be a matter of sheer luck as opposed to skill. To increase the odds of a hit, massed ranks of 60-80 muskets were fired in a volley which increased the chances of some musket balls hitting the intended target, whereas the Baker rifle was used by skirmishers facing the enemies in pairs, sniping at the enemy from positions in front of the main lines.


Barrel 30 1/2"
Overall 46 1/2"
Weight 8 Lbs Smooth bore

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