Civil War Re-enactment

Reenacting Civil War battles in authentic costumes has become a growing hobby among the general population today. Popular with novice and historian alike; the human drama of the Civil War is brought to life through study, folk skills and stories, and re-living the events of a hundred and thirty years ago. Photographers David and Joan Hagan portray this drama through their poignant pictures taken during re-enacted battles. With a little imagination you become part of the action, hear the gunfire and shouting, and smell the smoke through their brilliant close-up photography. Authentic clothing, implements, food and environment are strictly reproduced. These pictures transport you to another time and place where daily life was disrupted and each person struggled with life-threatening conditions.

Size: 8 1/2″ x 11 & 296 color photos 
112 pp
Binding: soft cover

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