1917 Saber

While not an exact copy of an original, this version has a lot to offer the modern swordsman and is truly a cut-and-thrust weapon to be reckoned with. The blade is moderately curved with a short bevel grind and a long narrow fuller. When combined with a short, sharp, clip point, these features make for a very stiff, strong blade capable of delivering fearsome cuts and thrusts while shrugging off abuse that would break a lesser sword. To help protect it from rust, each blade is polished before being deeply blued to inky black perfection.

In keeping with its mission as a "stand alone" weapon the guard is crafted from heavy gauge steel plate with rolled edges and multiple "lightening" holes (which won''t admit a sword or dagger point) and deeply blued like the blade it''s sturdy enough to absorb or shed the most horrendous blows.

To match the sturdy guard and help control the awesome blade, the handle is constructed from handsome, durable Rose Wood "scales" attached to the saber''s full tang w/ three highly polished brass cutler''s rivets. Each 1917 Saber is also supplied with a sturdy scabbard and frog. Made from thick, black leather and sporting a thick, polished brass throat and chape, it offers excellent protection and convenience in carrying whether mounted or on foot. 1055 Carbon steel.

Overall Length: 36''
Blade Length: 31''
Blade: 1055 High Carbon Steel
Edge: Sharpened
Sheath: Leather scabbard w/ brass fittings

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