Composite Recurve Bow

Our Composite Recurve Bow is great for mounted archery. The bow consists of layered ash wood and fiberglass and thus achieves optimal performance. The main advantage of composite bows over self bows (made from a single piece of wood) is their combination of smaller size with high power. They are therefore much more suitable for use from horseback. The handle riser is reinforced by an ash grip and the limbs are furnished with shaped nocks for string loops. The Composite Recurve Bow was inspired by Mongol warriors who could shoot from horseback.

Choosing Draw Weight and Length

***Arrows not included
* Overall length - 51 in
* Recommended arrow length - 30 in
* Bowstring length - 49.75 in
* Made from Composite Maple / Fiberglass

****Please Note:
This is a hand made custom item and takes 12-16 weeks construction time.
This item is not cancelable once ordered***
SKU#: SG-01005
MSRP: $405.00

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  • 35 lbs
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