24th Wisconsin Infantry in the Civil War

The 24th Wisconsin Infantry in the Civil War participated in many major battles of the Western theater, earning a reputation as a brave, hard-fighting unit. Unlike other unit histories, this book makes no attempt, as the author freely admits, to provide "an objective history" of the regiment. Rather, the book digs deeper, following the personal stories of the soldiers themselves, providing hundreds of individual vignettes that, taken together, paint a vivid picture of the life of a Union soldier.

Winner of Milwaukee County Historical Society's coveted Gambrinus Prize for the best book-length contribution to Milwaukee historiography in 2003
Profiles the courageous 24th Wisconsin Infantry and features the personal stories of members of the 24th, including Arthur McArthur, the father of Gen. Douglas MacArthur
Utilizes hundreds of primary sources--letters, diaries, and contemporary newspaper articles

By author: William J. K. Beaudot
ISBN: 9780811708944 
Dimensions: 6" x 9"
Pages: 448 Illustrations: 1 map , 34 b/w photos

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