Tops Pry-Probe-Punch Tool

The TOPS Pry-Probe-Punch Tool is designed to be a rugged and effective multipurpose emergency tool. Here are some important details about this tool:

Purpose: The PPP-01 is intended to serve as a versatile emergency tool, capable of prying, probing, and punching. It is forged for strength and durability, with rough edges and a rough finish to emphasize its functionality over aesthetics.

Functionality: The tool features a 12.7mm center bar and is designed to effectively perform tasks such as prying, probing, and punching. It is intended for emergency situations where a durable and versatile tool is needed.

Metallurgical Considerations: The tool is designed with the metallurgical requirements of each task in mind. It must be hard enough to serve as a pry-bar, yet not too hard to effectively punch tempered glass. The tip may dull slightly with repeated use on tempered glass but can be easily restored with a metal file.

Maintenance: Like a knife, the tool may require occasional minor maintenance. This includes sharpening the tip if it becomes dull from repeated use on tempered glass.

Overall Length: 7.24in (184mm)
Blade Length: 1.25 in (31.75mm)
Thickness: 0.25in (6.35mm)
Material/Color: Black Kydex Handle, OD Green Cord-wrapped handle

Additional Features: Stainless Steel Phillips Screwdriver
Sheath Material: Black Nylon Carrying Pouch

Overall, the TOPS Pry-Probe-Punch Tool is a hard-wearing and reliable tool designed for emergency situations where durability and functionality are paramount.

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