Colt M1860 Army Issue Revolver Non-Firing

During the Civil War, the Union Army purchased almost 130,000 pieces of the M1860 Colt percussion revolver, making it the most-used revolver in the conflict. Enterprising Confederate armories were quick to appropriate the design and produce the piece for Southern troops. The gun was a .44 caliber, six shot, front-loader that took linen or paper cartridges. Our Colt M1860 Army Issue Revolver Replica has the handling characteristics of the original, with functional lock and loading mechanisms.

Key Features:
* Non-fireable
* Functional lever-action mechanism
* Correct size and weight

Barrel Length: 7 3/4 Inches
Overall Length: 14 5/8 Inches
Weight: 2lb 8oz

This is a non-firing copy of the original. This piece replicates the original in size, weight and appearance, and functions much like the original. However, this replica cannot be made to fire or part interchanged.

It is the customer's responsibility to check all local laws pertaining to an item before you place your order.  We are not responsible for packages confiscated due to Customs inspections.

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