Queen’s White Veil

Queens, ladies and other royalty of middle ages wore elegant mantles as a sign of high fashion. This versatile piece can be worn in many ways with a variety of different outfits and crowns. Made of a white, sheer poly fabric, the mantle has been edged on three sides with an exquisite golden beaded trim. (Crowns not included). This headdress makes the perfect accessory to wear on hot summer days, protecting the head and face from the sun. It also has enough length to be worn wrapped over a tiara, granting the wearer a level of customizability. The Queen’s White Veil is the perfect accessory to accentuate any medieval maiden ensemble.


Key Features:
Wraps around the head and sits comfortably on the shoulders
Keeps hair out of the face
Protects against wind and sun
Can be worn with a tiara
Perfect for medieval maidens


Made from sheer poly fabric


Length: 62 Inches
Width: 36 Inches
Measurements are approximate.

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