Deer Brooch Fine Pewter

Our Deer Brooch Fine Pewter is a classic design" means that the design of the brooch is timeless and can be worn for many occasions.

It measures 2 inches (51 mm) High x 1 5/8 inches (41 mm) Wide" gives the dimensions of the brooch, indicating its size and proportions.

It has a bar back pin on the back" refers to the clasp on the back of the brooch that allows it to be fastened to clothing or accessories.

Hand cast from lead free pewter in the U.S." means that the brooch was made in the United States by hand, using pewter that does not contain lead. Pewter is a metal alloy that is often used to make decorative objects and jewelry because of its malleability and durability.


Key Features:
Made in the USA
Handmade from Pewter
A great costume accessory

2 inches (51 mm) High x 1 5/8 inches (41 mm) Wide

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